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Absolutely simple handmade jewelry in real gold and silver, which is affordable. This is the concept behind Cuff Copenhagen, which Gustav and Jonas run alongside their studies in Digital Concept Development and Design & Business.

It all started with the dream of a silver bracelet. The silver bracelet was expanded with a similar one in gold - both in a very simple uni-sex design, and then the seeds for Cuff Copenhagen were laid. Gustav Dalsgaard Jeppesen, who reads Design & Business, and Jonas Munch Schmidt-Andersen, who reads Digital Concept Development at KEA, started making simple silver and gold jewelery that most people can get their hands on without being ruined.

"All our jewelery is handmade in Copenhagen and is sold via our webshop for a third of what you can or should give for a handmade jewelery."

Very quickly, their bracelets sat on Joakim Ingversen, Casper Christensen, Niklas Sahl and other several famous personalities, the jewelry sold itself completely without marketing and the two KEA students have just won the E-Entrepreneur scholarship, which includes office space, marketing team and warehouse hotel the rest of the year.

"It is a big step for us, and something that will really give a huge boost. This means that we have got our first real office and can finally move out of my two-bedroom apartment and sit among other people, and move the jewelry store from the space under my bed to a definite warehouse where we can have all our different jewelry.

In addition, we have got a marketing team of five men to help with our email marketing, social media and ads - this is the first time we are going to spend money on marketing, "says the two KEA students, who may also be on road in Løvens Hule.

They run the company alongside their studies in Digital Concept Development and Design & Business.

“It has been a perfect opportunity for us to have our company next to the studies, because we can transfer the theory to practice. This applies both to Design & Business, where I can draw clear parallels, and where I have to think creatively and constantly seek opportunities. Digital Concept Development gives Jonas the opportunity to dive into optimizing the website, find the best solutions and the shortest path to a purchase at the customer. I have also used the company as a case in various exams, which has meant that I could dive into all corners and optimize on them, ”says Gustav Dalsgaard Jeppesen.

Read the interview at KEA here

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