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Cuff Copenhagen during Covid-19

Cuff Copenhagen during Covid-19

The last few months

Cuff Copenhagen grows. It sounds like a cliché, but a lot has really happened in the last few months. We have not only expanded the range with our latest collection, which we have designed in collaboration with Kristian Brandt. We have also got a new office in connection with an entrepreneurship grant, which we have won. We have been given a place in an office community at Stwentyfive, Which is a great thing that we can now proudly say that we have our own place, which serves as a Cuff Copenhagen base. Included in the endowment is a place in their warehouse where we can store all our things as well as help from their marketing agency, which is a huge shrug for us.

In addition, we have worked hard to get our new website up and running, which we are very happy to receive. The website was something we had been talking about for a long time doing something more about why it has been a big step in the right direction.

New collection

We have expanded our product range with a collection that we have designed in collaboration with the Danish fashion influencers, Kristian Brandt. It is a very special bracelet collection with a unique surface that we have not seen on the market before. It is a surface that is half whipped and half polished. The whipped surface is scratched in a way that resembles crumpled tinfoil.

We think it is the coolest bracelet we have made to date and it has been very well received among our customers. This collection is just the beginning of what we have awaiting. In the future, there will be more completely unique collaborations with people from the fashion industry.

How has it been during Corona?

It was hard to avoid getting hit. However, this period has provided time and space to do a whole lot of things that we did not have time for before. We have not just laid down. On the contrary, we have continued our work on our new website and visual identity, which we recently proudly launched.

Finally, we can tell you that we have been lucky enough to be contacted by Løvens Hule, which has encouraged us to apply for participation in the coming season. And we have done that. They were especially excited about our ability to execute with limited means, the number of celebrities who go with our jewelry as well as our focus on sustainability. The fact that we produce locally in Copenhagen was a huge plus in their book, but they also placed great emphasis on our collaboration with the Danish Nature Foundation. This is another thing we are very proud of. Now it's exciting to see if we join the program when the program airs in early 2021.


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