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Cuff - a year later, how has it been?

Cuff - a year later, how has it been?

A year ago - something like that - I came in contact with two passionate young people who had thrown themselves into life as entrepreneurs. The focal point was - and still is - bracelets. Or cuffs if you will. But how has it been since? Has there been more? And are there also some things that the Cuff guys can't unveil completely yet? You can believe it.

Jonas and Gustav - You have been in swing for a little over a year so far with Cuff. How has it been last year?

- A lot has happened in the last year. Jonas went on an exchange back in June to Australia and has actually been away 10 out of the 12 months that Cuff has been in existence. It has presented some challenges, but we have managed to keep it up. We became good at dividing the tasks between us, so Jonas was responsible for maintaining the website and social media, while Gustav has been responsible for the more practical tasks such as production, inventory management and sending orders.

To be honest, we had not expected to sell so many bracelets during this period, as the plan was to put it all in order and get full control of our value chain. Over Christmas we suddenly got very busy, but it was just super cool, and it made us want to keep going.

What has gone as desired?

- The entrepreneurial world never goes quite the way you want it to. And luckily for that! It has gone up and down a lot. At times it has gone really well, and at other times it has been very uphill. But overall it has been super cool!

Our website has just been updated with new photos, where for the first time we have shot photos with two professional models of a really skilled photographer. It is of course a huge honor to work with such competent and recognized models that many of the major fashion brands also use.

We are working on some really great things at the moment, which we look forward to unveiling before long.

And what surprised you about being a business owner?
- There are an incredible number of things to keep track of all the time and a lot of decisions that need to be made. It’s super cool, but sometimes we really have stay calm. We are in charge of everything from maintaining the website, accounts, sending orders, production and so on, but we are good at delegating the tasks between us.

It's been surprising how much fun it is to run your own business - especially when things are going well. It may sound like a cliché, but it's really one's little heart child, and we're really passionate about keeping it running!

Last year you mentioned that you would like to look at co-labs. What is the status?
- It was a clear strategy from the start that we should go out and play with some of the big boys to lift our own brand. We ran a competition with Christopher Cloos that went really well. Otherwise, we have had some really interesting meetings with the boys from An Ivy, Nikolaj and Alexander, who have really gained momentum after their participation in Løvens Hule. It's cool to spar and get input from them, and we can only hope that we follow in their footsteps, because they have really done well so far.

One of the biggest highlights has been talking to Andreas von der Heide, who helped start Les Deux. They have a completely identical story as Cuff, where they themselves sat and designed their products in the beginning and have started it all using hard work. We learned an insane amount from that meeting, and we got to talk about some really exciting things that we are going to work on here in 2019. And who knows; maybe we should do something with Les Deux in the future…

We are currently in contact with a well-liked and recognized stylist and influencer who could be a really exciting collaboration. We can not reveal too much, but we will probably have to shout loudly once it is in place.

And how has the sale gone?
- It's going well, but we have far greater thoughts about Cuff than what it is now.

December was a wild month! All of a sudden it ran off and we sold really many bracelets and emptied pretty much the entire warehouse. We sold bracelets across the country and a little to Sweden and Norway, which are also two really interesting markets that we would like to have more focus on in the future.

At the moment it is Confirmation time, and there we have experienced a great demand for our products. We have learned that a Cuff is obvious as a gift, and it is also ingenious to give the confirmand a bracelet, as it is something that lasts a lifetime, so the confirmand can think back on the big day.

Did you happen to spot your Cuffs on some wrists out in the Kingdom?
- Yes! It is a great pleasure to meet people we do not know at all on the street or at parties with a Cuff on. We cuffed Joakim Ingversen when he hosted MGP, where he carried four pieces. It was pretty wild. Our bracelet is, among other things, spotted on singer, Karl William and national football player, Jakob Bruun Larsen, who both wear our gold plated version.

All right - I know that a new product has also been added to the range?
- You are right about that, and we have really looked forward to showing it. We have recently launched four necklaces in the same design as our bracelet - a round pendant with a polished and a hammered surface on a chain that is available in two lengths. And of course they come both in Sterling silver and plated with 18 carat gold just like our bracelet. We have already sold out in the first place, but do not despair. We are in full swing to produce more.

As with the bracelets, all our necklaces are handmade in Copenhagen by our silversmith. We think they have become incredibly beautiful and you can check them out and pre-order them right away here .

Could one in any way imagine that massive gold is coming into play?
- Good question. You are not the first to ask. We have been contacted several times by people who want to hear if we can make a Cuff in solid gold. At present, we have not experimented with it, but our silversmith has given us the green light, but it is something that needs to be pre-ordered as there are some higher costs associated with solid gold. If you want to hear more or have a non-binding offer, Gustav can be contacted at:

Finally - where are you in a year from now?
- We have big thoughts with the company, and we get a lot of positive comments along the way, and it's just a huge shrug every single time. We are still working hard to get our brand identity completely knocked into place, where we need to get better at telling our story. We have not been good enough at that. Not many people know that one of the industry's most skilled silversmiths sits in a basement in the middle of Copenhagen and spends over an hour creating one of our jewelry.

We can loudly and solemnly promise that we will stick to our production in Denmark. We do not intend to compromise on quality to save a few bucks by having our jewelery produced in Asia, as many others in this industry do.

After all, we have only been running for one year, but to put some numbers on it, we have set a clear goal of turning over 100,000 kroner a month in a year. It takes hard work, but we have our pockets full of courage and a lot of good ideas.

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