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Cuff - two Danish boys goes at it with silver bracelets

Cuff - two Danish boys goes at it with silver bracelets

Cuff - around a wrist concept of silver

Meet Jonas and Gustav. The two young boys have gone for the silver. Initially. It's about getting a good idea, and making the idea a reality. And that's exactly what Cuff - as the boys' company is called - has become. We go around reasonable prices, long-lasting materials as well as the thoughts behind the whole idea. Pull up the sleevs and support…

Gustav and Jonas - You are behind the company Cuff. What are you doing on daily basis?
- On a daily basis, we both study entrepreneurship and design at the Copenhagen Business Academy, and next door we run our newly started company, Cuff, where we sell silver bracelets. We launched the first collection on March 1st, consisting of just four bracelets - two wide and two polished with two different surfaces; one polished and one hammered. We have big thoughts with this project as we really believe that we have hit an exciting gap in the market with our jewelry and the prices on it.

Where and when did you come up with the idea?
- The idea itself came from the fact that we both really liked a nice silver bracelet, but neither of us bothered to pay several thousand kroner for a small bracelet. Before we knew each other, we both experimented with silver bracelets - Gustav made a bracelet in high school and quickly started selling a little to family, friends and friends' family, but it ran into the sand when he graduated. Jonas has for many had the desire to establish a jewelry brand, but has also never gotten more out of it. When we met each other at KEA and by chance found out the above, it occurred to us very naturally to throw ourselves over this project together.

And what happened from here?
- Since none of us are trained silversmiths or have a particularly great knowledge of jewelry making, there was only one way forward and that was to try it out. We saw some Youtube clips with techniques and methods, after which we went to war with a pair of silver bars we had bought. Looking back on it, we think we spent an incredible number of hours in the workshop at the school, which we were lucky enough to be allowed to borrow - it's usually not something they do.

Despite our lack of qualities and experience, we managed to create some nice bracelets, which we quickly sold to friends and acquaintances for a modest price of 500 and 600 kroner. It was the first time that we noticed that there was interest in our little business and it did not take long before we entered into an agreement with a super sweet and talented girl studying jewelry design and she was fresh to stand for manufacturing going forward. However, she was quickly offered a job at Pandora. Fortunately, we found Martin, who is a trained silversmith from Georg Jensen's silver media, and today he is responsible for all production of our bracelet.

What is the essence of your business idea?

Our mission is to offer a classic, elegant and timeless silver bracelet that does not cost a fortune.

We have created a product of the highest quality, and we manage to offer it at a significantly lower price than what you otherwise see on the market. So we land in the category called affordable luxury - a concept we have become very happy with, as it really describes the essence of Cuff in a good way. We would like to own this category completely within the jewelery industry.


And what will happen in the future, if you have to choose for yourself?
- We have a long list of things that we would like to see happen today. At present, our range is very narrow, which is why we are working hard to get the next collections in place. We primarily focus on expanding our range to more price ranges so that everyone can participate and our target group becomes larger. We have just expanded the range with a 24 carat gilding, which can be seen on the website.

We are very interested in co-labs, but we are very aware of who we are collaborating with, as we are still creating a brand. We always feel good about whether it is something we can relate to, because we have the clear position that we must not just do something to do it - there must be thoughts behind action and make sense all the way around.

Can you tell us a little about the silversmith who works for you? 
- As I said, he is educated at Georg Jensen's Sølvsmedie and has previously worked for Shamballa, among others. He is a super cool guy who with a quiet and calm approach to life loves working with jewelry.

He is a professional, knows everything about the subject - and best of all, he makes the most beautiful bracelets quickly and with a guarantee that the quality of each individual bracelet is top notch.

We clearly believe that one of our strongest cards on hand is that all our bracelets are handmade in Copenhagen, as it gives a very special feeling and history.

As we mentioned before, it is very important for us that we work with people where there is good chemistry and where we feel that both parties get something positive out of the collaboration.

What excites you about the material silver?
- Silver is a fantastic material. We use Sterling silver, and for those who do not know, it is a mixture of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. 99.9% fine silver is simply too soft to make jewelery from, which is why it is mixed with copper - in this way you improve the properties of the silver itself.

We think it's super cool when silver jewelry gets a little beaten, and when you've been walking for a long time with your bracelet, you'll sense that it oxidizes a bit.

When silver oxidizes, it gets darker. If you are not into it, however, it is always possible to polish the jewelry again to achieve the shiny surface. Sterling silver is the primary choice for making silver jewelry, and it can go for anything. Whether it's an evening in the city, a walk on the beach or a day at work, it will always fit.

Rumor has it that your prices have created a bit of a furore in the industry?
- Yes, it has created a lot of debate… When we jumped in the workshop for the first time and pitched our basic idea to people around us, we got a lot of comments that sounded like we were ruining the jewelry industry with our prices lower than, what else is on the market. We were not annoyed by these confrontations - on the contrary, it was actually just a confirmation that this industry is really raising prices to appear more exclusive - that fact has especially given us more drive.

One may wonder why the big brands take so much money for their jewelry when the vast majority get them produced at a factory in Asia. We have a presumption that our target audience is tired of paying high prices for the well-known brands. We believe that consumers pay too high a price for jewelry, and we would like to change that.

Where can one see more of you?
- You can find us at both Facebook and Instagram, Where we often post pictures with small texts attached. We try to put up as much as possible, and we also feel that this is where we can best reach out to our target group. We have a photographer attached who helps shoot all our great photos.

On May 3, we landed the first physical store called Townsfolk and located on Falkoner Allé in Frederiksberg. They sell brands like Han Kjøbenhavn, Soulland and Our Legacy, which we personally think are super cool brands.

What would your business look like in a year if you were to draw a dream scenario?
- That's a really good question. We are currently sitting and working on our business plan, where we have given a lot of thought to Cuff's future. The dream scenario will probably be to have a much larger range that includes classic and simple bracelets, rings and necklaces. They must be available in different designs in different price ranges that are still affordable in relation to the materials used. We have a clear intention to maintain our production in Denmark despite the increased volume, and we expect to add at least 15 stores in Denmark.

Finally - what should any M / F know about your Cuffs?
- We have designed our bracelet in a way so that everyone can fit one of our two sizes. All measurements on the bracelets are selected after a very detailed process and this has resulted in a bracelet with a thickness of 1.5 millimeters. With this thickness, you get a bracelet with goods and with the opportunity to shape it exactly to your wrist. Sterling silver is, as I said, a soft precious metal that makes the bracelets supple and comfortable to wear.

In addition, we hope, of course, that you feel like following our journey on the previously mentioned platforms; Facebook and Instagram. You are also welcome to sign up for our newsletter and secure 10% on the next purchase - there will soon be a gilded collection…

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