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Silver is the perfect material for jewelry

Silver is the perfect material for jewelry

Most jewelry is metallic, with gold and silver being the most common materials. In this post we will introduce you to silver. Silver is a type of metal that ensures you a timeless look. It goes for pretty much everything as it is quite neutral.

What types of silver are there?

There are many different types of silver, including fine silver, sterling silver and argentium silver, which are the best known. It is possible to get silver with 99.9% silver, but these are typically sold in silver bars, which one has actually stopped buying (one often prefer to invest in it instead). Therefore, that form is not of great relevance. Fine silver is noteworthy as jewelry is made with this and is incredibly close to being pure silver. Only a few per mille contain anything other than silver, but it also means that the price of this is often very high.

Sterling silver is the most common form of silver when it comes to jewelry. It contains 92.5% silver and the remaining content is often copper. This actually strengthens the material compared to fine silver, which in reality is very soft. Therefore, it can be quite easily affected and damaged, which is why sterling silver is preferred in many contexts. Sterling silver, of course, retains the excellent properties of silver, but it lasts better and longer than so many other types of silver.

If you have difficulty identifying what type of silver it is, you can often find it on the item itself. At Cuff, we have engraved “925”, so there is never any doubt that we are dealing with sterling silver.

What are the benefits of silver?

There are, as described above, both advantages and disadvantages of each type of silver. We produce our bracelet in sterling silver to deliver a product of very high quality, where we can still offer it at a lower price, so it will be affordable for you. Furthermore, silver is just a classic masterpiece that adorns your style and your look no matter what.

Scientifically speaking, it even turns out that silver should strengthen your health, in that it contains positively charged ions, to which your body reacts positively. It can affect your blood circulation and the balance of your body temperature, both of which strengthen your well-being as a whole. This is proven in reports from University of Southampton, we think it's cool that it can contribute to health for someone. However, we choose to focus on the fact that silver can add something very special to your outfit and your look.

At Cuff, our brand is silver bracelets, for both men and women. They can be easily adjusted by size.

Check out our range here, and finally contact us if there are any questions - either about our position on silver or about the products. We are looking forward to hear from you.


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