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You can have your jewelry from Cuff Copenhagen for an eternity

You can have your jewelry from Cuff Copenhagen for an eternity

Many ask us if the bracelets can withstand water. The answer is yes. And it can withstand a whole lot of other things, as silver is a precious metal and of the best handmade quality.

Over time, silver can oxidize. This means that the silver becomes slightly black on the surface and edges. However, it is not trace dangerous, and many even think that it gives the silver jewelry a new and more raw look. If you are more into a polished surface, your silver jewelry can be easily polished so that it will shine nicely again. It will more or less be made as good as new. 

All our bracelets are handmade, which means that none of our bracelets are the same. They each have a completely personal touch and finish. Therefore, it also differs from jewelry to jewelry how much or how little the bracelet is oxidized. 

Personally, I have a narrow Malleo in silver, which has not seen the shadow of oxidation, and which I have had every day for a year - both on the beach and when I have played sports and sweated a lot. On the contrary, Jonas has a wide Polito in silver, which has begun to oxidize, and it is not possible to say why one oxidizes more than the other. After a quick polishing with the polishing cloth included in the packaging, and a little silver cleaning, there is no shadow of oxidation anymore.

If you find that your bracelet repeatedly oxidizes, you can use these 3 tips to avoid oxidation again. 

Tips and tricks to avoid oxidation

1. Avoid sleeping with jewelry on. At night, the body sweats a lot and the sweat can not evaporate under the jewelry. Therefore, you can also often experience that you are completely black under the jewelry, if you have sweated a lot.

2. Always take off your jewelry when washing your hands or taking a shower. This prevents remnants of soap and perfume from settling in the jewelery.

3. Take off your jewelry when applying cream, perfume, etc.

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Therefore, silver is the perfect material for jewelry