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The guide to men's bracelets and jewelry

The guide to men's bracelets and jewelry

At Cuff we offer mens bracelet in high quality at affordable prices. We will regularly publish articles that can help you when you are looking for jewelry. Whether you are looking for a new watch, a men's bracelet, rings or something completely fourth, we hope you will be inspired for your next addition in your style.

Here are three tips we recommend you when considering your next mens bracelet or jewelry.

1. Keep the style simple

If in doubt, it is best to keep your choice quite simple. If this is the first time you need to buy jewelry or a men's bracelet, we recommend that you look for a stylish and minimalist design, which is in an affordable price range. If you achieve the expected pleasure by wearing the bracelet (or other type of jewelry), you may be able to aim for a higher price range and more special design the next time you want to buy jewelry.

2. Match your jewelry with your style

The most common type of jewelry in men is metal bracelets. In most cases, it looks nicest if you stick to one tone or type of metal. Here we mean in relation to whether it should be gold, silver, copper or something completely fourth. There, we recommend that you stick to one type when choosing your first and second mens bracelet. You can read more about the different types of metal straight here.

3. Significance of jewelry

Consider the importance of the jewelry you are considering buying. By that is meant that you can look at the story. How and where is it produced and with what materials. Likewise, you should consider how much your jewelry will stand out from the norms? This can often seem flashy, so you should consider it if that is not how you want it to look. With that said, jewelry and mens bracelets can create uniqueness and thereby a unique look. You should consider the meaning and context so that you can choose what suits you. Some like a more understated style and others the opposite, and this should be reflected in your choices of jewelry to complete your look.

At Cuff, men's bracelets are our core product, and we have largely tried to make something out of the three things above. We offer simple men's bracelets of high quality at affordable prices. We make something out of having a story among all our bracelets. Cuff produces in Copenhagen by Danish craftsmanship, and our vision is to create a classic, elegant and timeless bracelet. Our bracelet can go for any expression! We hope to inspire you and your look, whether it's bracelets, watches, necklaces you were initially looking for.

Do you agree or disagree? Tell us why here and finally ask us questions about the products should they arise.


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