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Necklaces in silver and gold

Necklaces in silver and gold

Why necklaces?

A few months ago, we launched our Cuff necklaces. We felt it was a completely natural process for Cuff to launch the necklaces. Both because of the demand for more jewelry from our customers, but also because it has personally been a desire from the start to be able to offer several different types but still simple jewelry. 

Our strongest card is that our entire design and production takes place in Copenhagen. That is why all our jewelery must now and in the future also be produced in Copenhagen. At the same time, the most important thing for us is quality. That is why we handcraft all our jewelery in Copenhagen. Of course, this also applies to our new silver and gold-plated necklaces.

Design, process and production

All necklaces, like our bracelets, can be worn by both men and women. We are very keen that our concept should be simple, which is why our design with a polished and hammered surface is repeated on the necklaces. Of course, everyone must be able to fit our necklaces, and therefore they are available in two lengths, so they fit perfectly. If you would like to see what the necklace looks like on our models, please click here, and if you want to see them on several different people, you can look at our Instagram here.

A lot of things are going to happen in the next few months, where the focus will be on the month of December. We need to prepare as best we can so that we can make sure that there is a package from Cuff under every Christmas tree across the country. We can just imagine the smiles it would bring if a person unpacked a nice bracelet or necklace. After all, Christmas is the feast of hearts, so it's about giving to those you love.

We have a lot of unique designs in our pipeline, which we are very much looking forward to launching in the near future, but at the moment we are sticking to the two very simple surfaces - namely the polished and hammered.

If you have not seen our new massive 14 karat gold bracelet, you can see them right here. They are in a slightly different price range, but of course they also keep the gold color for many many years.

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