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What is the Cuff Community?

What is the Cuff Community?

What is it and what benefits do you have?

Cuff Community is our community that you can either choose to be a part of by signing up for our newsletter or buying one of our jewelry. We experience that many people think it's cool when they suddenly meet someone who also has a piece of jewelery from Cuff Copenhagen. You choose whether you want to receive a monthly newsletter from us. We do not share things that we think will get you bored and we are big opponents of spam so you can rest easy. We always stay up to date with the latest trends in decoration and ways to make your jewelery appear in the best way. We inspire and give good advice on how you can, for example, wear a piece of jewelery from Cuff Copenhagen. In addition, we shout out loud when we come up with new jewelry and designs, and we also give a little update on what we go and ponder and what you can expect in the near future.

We welcome you

By subscribing to our newsletter and thus Cuff Community, you will immediately receive a discount code, which gives you 10% on your first purchase through our webshop. You can use the discount code on all ours necklaces and bracelet - also our new version in 14 carat solid gold.

We are not secret agents

We really want to be at eye level with our customers and anyone with an interest in Cuff Copenhagen. That's why we're really happy when you join the Cuff Community, so we can tell you more about who Jonas and Gustav are. For us, it's just as much about providing an opportunity for you to get to know us a little better. Our position is that we personally think it is important to know who is hiding behind the company.

At the moment you can find us at various fairs around the country, and if you have not been past our stand at, for example, Finders Keepers, you can by signing up for Cuff Community receive, so you can follow when we are next time out and show us off.

If you want to get to know us better, read on this article on Dontt, where we talk about our ambitions with Cuff Copenhagen. Of course you can also follow Facebook and Instagram.


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