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Interview with Dontt - part 1

Interview with Dontt - part 1

Let’s start by introducing ourselves. Our names are Gustav and Jonas, and together we have founded the jewelry brand, Cuff. We have hired one of the industry's best silversmiths, who has a workshop in Copenhagen, where he makes all our jewelery by hand.

Before we got to know each other, we both had an interest in jewelry. It was this shared passion that founded our friendship and not least business.

It started with…

… That we both wanted a handmade silver bracelet, which was produced in Denmark that did not cost too much. After a long search, we did not find anything that met our requirements, so we decided to make our own. We took some extra shifts at our then jobs to save up for a plate of silver. When the day had passed with study and work, we took advantage of the last hours of the day and snuck into a small workshop in Nørrebro. Here we went to war - without any experience as a silversmith. We tried our best and spent an eternity creating the first Cuff. It turned out to be much harder than first assumed, and we therefore hired one of the industry's best silversmiths, who is trained by Georg Jensen and who has previously worked for Shamballa.

Everything is handmade in Copenhagen

One of the biggest dilemmas so far has been whether we should produce our jewelry in Asia, where production costs are much lower. We have chosen to produce in Denmark to ensure that the quality is absolutely perfect. At the same time, we think it loses a bit of the charm when you get your jewelery produced in Asia, just as many Danish brands do. In addition, it allows us every week to slip past the workshop and check that everything is as it should be. It is also easier in relation to experimenting with new designs, and in a time where sustainability is taking up more and more space, we have a clear intention to preserve production in Denmark. From the beginning, we have focused on recycling excess materials and making it as environmentally friendly as possible by not having everything shipped across continents.

We know that we have many competitors, but considering that we get all our jewelery handmade in Copenhagen by one of the industry's best silversmiths, our prices are actually incredibly affordable.

Simplicity is Cuff

Our concept is very simple. Applicable to both our bracelets and newly launched necklaces, we have two surfaces; one polished and one hammered. We also only have two sizes, and we have made sure that everyone can fit. It takes over an hour to create a single piece of jewelry, which is an extremely long time. Every single piece of jewelery goes through a long and carefully executed process, which in turn helps to ensure the high quality. We use only the finest precious metals in the form of Sterling silver, while our gold-plated jewelry is plated with 18 carat gold. It helps to make your jewelry completely unique.

Our vision

It has been an advantage that we have not had a particularly great knowledge of the jewelery industry before, and it quickly dawned on us that it needs a breath of fresh air. We want to do things our own way, and if we do not know how to do something, we always try. That was also how we started Cuff. We do not bother with all that with packing things, and we are actually very real in our approach to things. This is something we have a lot of focus on in everything we do.

Over the last month, we have held some exciting meetings with, among others, Andreas from Les Deux, Thomas from About Vintage and Nikolaj from An Ivy. They have all given us a proper boost in their own way, which we can definitely use in the future. We have big things on the to-do list that we would like to see happen today, but unfortunately everything just takes a little longer than we would like.

The launch of the necklaces was a big step in the right direction, but we need a lot more with this. We have already sold to people from Sweden, Norway, England, the USA and Russia, which is far above our expectations, as we are currently focusing primarily on the Danish market.

Cuff has only just begun and has only existed for one year. Now it's no longer just for fun. Now it's serious. Our ambitions are towering, and we are fully aware that it requires hard work - and that is exactly the recipe we intend to follow.

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