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Interview with Dontt - part 2

Interview with Dontt - part 2

How have you most experienced the great interest that has come to your brand?
It has all gone very fast, and we are overjoyed at the positive response we have received to our hard work - both online but in particular also at trade fairs, where we have experienced a very great interest in our handmade jewelry. It's cool to notice that many share the same interest in proper craftsmanship and good quality as us. It means a lot to those we talk to that there has been a professional silversmith sitting and knuckling with every single piece of jewelry to create the best possible result. And it's cool that we can finally share our passion with those who go up in it.

Boys, what's happened lately?

“There has really been momentum since the last time we talked. It is simply the wildest feeling to see our small business grow a little bigger with each passing day. In 2019, we have focused on optimizing our webshop and social media. We have listened and learned, and we ourselves think that the two parts have started to play much better together, but it is always something we are working on. We can clearly see this in the turnover, which, among other things, increased by 400% from one month to the next. We try to entertain our followers and we constantly strive to be able to offer them a better version of Cuff Copenhagen. As always, we do things differently. A few months ago, we made it possible to have a piece of jewelery of the highest quality delivered with a bicycle offer within 4 hours. The fastest we have been able to deliver was one hour. It's pretty cool, and as far as we know, we're the only ones in the industry that can offer this. We have 'cuffed' a lot of interesting wrists. Together they have created the foundation of the Cuff Community, which is our community when you buy a bracelet or necklace. To put some names on, as you may know, our community counts Mads Emil Grove Møller, Karl William, Alesso, Jacob Bruun Larsen, and most recently we have been able to slap a gilded Malleo on Casper Christensen. We try a little to avoid the whole traditional strategy of influencer marketing, where companies throw a lot of money at a few people who share a few pictures with your product. Instead, we try to find some people who fit well into our universe and therefore offer them a piece of jewelry. We make it fairly clear that we do not expect anything - we just think they are cool. ”

Is your focus mostly on "stores" or your own online sales?
Our focus so far has been exclusively on sales through our own webshop, It is clear that there is a big difference in the experience of shopping online in terms of experiencing the atmosphere in a physical store, where you can see, feel and try the jewelry on - so it is definitely something we are thinking more and more about coming out in stores, as it will be a great opportunity for our target group to experience our jewelry physically and not just through a screen. Because we experience that as soon as a person gets stuck one of our jewelry in their hand, it really dawns on one how much attention has been paid to the small details. That being said, it must also be stores that share our values and that will fit well into our universe. We do not have to be in any store and it is definitely something we are very aware of.

Could you imagine even more Cuff Copenhagen products?
Of course! We play a lot with new designs, and we are launching earrings and a round bracelet next week. We think it is obvious to build on before Christmas, and we will do it in the way that you pre-order the earrings or the round bracelet, after which we produce it, wrap it nicely so that it is ready to come under the Christmas tree, and then we send out all orders at once before 18/12. That way, we make sure you have a gift for someone you love who is guaranteed to make the recipient pull on the smiley face.

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