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Joakim Ingversen wearing jewelry from Cuff Copenhagen

Joakim Ingversen wearing jewelry from Cuff Copenhagen

When the children's MGP rolled across the TV screens with Joakim Ingversen as host, he was wearing clothes and jewelery created by two enterprising KEA students. Mrs. Sofie Linde is also happy with the students' design.

Merle Michela Hansen works as a stylist and has the company JOME, and was given the opportunity to make a unique set of clothes for Joakim Ingversen, when he was to host this year's MGP.

Sofie Linde has also been dressed in JOME in connection with her role as host of X-factor.

Merle Michela Hansen and her partner are both untrained tailors, and can therefore sew the clothes themselves - at least until they have enough money to be able to outsource production.

But it was not only the clothes that had a KEA connection at this year's show. The jewelery was also created by a KEA student:

“I thought it would dress the set with some cool bracelets, and immediately thought of Cuff. I know Gustav and Jonas from the studio, and they make some super nice bracelets. I like to use lesser known brands when I style as it allows for showing something different than what one usually sees. And Joakim loved the bracelets, ”says Merle Michela Hansen who reads e-design at KEA.

DR wanted beautiful silver and gold jewelery that does not cost a lot. And also at that point, Cuff fit in:

“Precisely those criteria are the reason why we started our company. We believe that a genuine handmade silver or gold bracelet does not have to bankrupt you. Instead, it should be a product that most people can get their hands on, ”says Gustav Dalsgaard Jeppesen, who has Cuff together with Jonas Munch Schmidt-Andersen.

JOME is almost readu with their website and Instagram.

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