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Delivery within 4 hours

Delivery within 4 hours

Delivery by bicycle courier

At Cuff Copenhagen, we do most things differently than what you otherwise see on the market. Everything from our designs to prices to the way we deliver. Of course we have our standard delivery, where you receive your jewelry within 2-4 days. We thought there might be a way we can deliver faster than that. We know that feeling when you cannot wait for a package, or that during the day you forgot to buy a gift. That is why we have chosen to make it possible to have your package delivered within 4 hours by bicycle courier. It is not only fast - it is also sustainable and emission-free, as we deliver with our bicycle offer throughout Copenhagen.

When you choose to use our bicycle stalls, we will send them away from our office with your package. The bicycle courier then takes the fastest route to your address, where you will receive the package. If you are not at home, the bicycle courier will contact you or us and try again when you are at home, throw it in your mailbox or hand it in to your neighbor, whom you can greet on the same occasion.

Why choose bicycle couriers?

If you complete an order before 4pm, you will receive your package within 4 hours. If you order after 4pm, you will receive the following day. We have not seen other jewelry brands offer this to their customers.

In addition, you help to protect our environment. We try to help as best we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We do this to the extent that we recycle all excess material by remelting and producing new jewelry. We take care of our nature in collaboration with the Danish Nature Foundation. This means that for every piece of jewelery sold, we donate 1 m2 land to the Danish Nature Fund, which protects and restores nature throughout Denmark. We are proud to say that.

We experience that more and more people use our bicycle stalls. We are really happy about that, as in this way we can jointly take care of our environment and together be more sustainable.

If you would like to read more about our partner, By-Expressen, you can click here.


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