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New collection. New surface.

New collection. New surface.

We have teamed up with fashion influencer Kristian Brandt on a new collection. We have collaborated on the design and produced a very special handmade bracelet collection, which of course is handmade in Copenhagen. We have wanted,for a long time, to make a collection and after great research and review by different people, we found out that Kristian matched really well with our visions of creating unique jewelry and not least an international jewelry brand.

Who is Kristian Brandt?

In 2018, he was named one of Denmark's best dressed men by Euroman. When it comes to fashion, Kristian is probably one of the sharpest profiles in Denmark. There is never anything that sits wrong on him and he is always ready with some good advice on how to put together the perfect style.

Why Kristian Brandt?

Kristian fits perfectly into our universe, as he, like us, is in favor of simplicity, high quality and innovation. We thought he would add a lot of value to our jewelry which would benefit the finished result. And then he's just a really nice guy who has now become a good friend of the house. Maybe more will come in the future…

Where is the bracelet produced?

All bracelets are handmade at Cuff's own workshop in Copenhagen. We always strive to deliver the best result and never compromise.

What materials is the collection made of?

The bracelet collection consists of four models in Sterling Silver 925 - two in silver and two in 24 carat gold plated silver. The bracelets have a half-polished and half-whipped surface that has been created through a very special technique developed by Cuff Copenhagen. It is a surface that has not been seen before and we are therefore extremely proud to present it.

What are we passionate about and why are we different from all the other jewelry brands? 

The focus is 100% on Danish design, and all our jewelry is handmade in Copenhagen at our own workshop. Although Denmark is the most expensive place in the world to produce jewelry, we choose to do so. We do this solely because we want to offer the very highest quality and the most beautiful products. With our new collection, we take a step closer to the vision of creating jewelry that you can use for life.

We hope you enjoy this special collection.

If you want to know more about Kristian Brandt, you can always stop by his Instagram @kristianbrandt or read this post, which he published in collaboration with AN IVY.


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