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Unisex bracelet aimed at both sexes

Unisex bracelet aimed at both sexes

Cuff is a bracelet and a brand for both sexes. Although in one of our previous posts we focused on Cuff as a men's bracelet, we want to emphasize here that of course it also fits perfectly with women. Cuff addresses unisex, and in this post we will go in depth with why it can target both sexes.

The days when men went for blue and girls for pink are gone. Times change, and the same begins to apply to "men's and women's accessories". Cuffs bracelets do not only span one or the other gender, or one or the other age. We are a brand for everyone.

Unisex bracelets contribute to a versatile style

The more neutral colors give more versatility in the bracelet. It is still seen that colors matter to people's perceptions of gender and associated style. Therefore, neutral colors allow to appeal to both sexes. Neutral and basic colors are typically black, brown, silver and gold.

We have also worked on this in our bracelet at Cuff. Our bracelet is made in the silver type, sterling silver, which has some very special properties. Sterling silver contains 92.5% silver, which is expressed as a detail in our bracelet. We have engraved 925 as an extravagant touch. The truth is that with unisex bracelets you can match them with any outfit. Therefore, you never have to worry about not having the right accessories to complete your outfit.

A bracelet for all events

We strive to deliver the bracelet that goes to most events. It must be able to be used both in everyday life and on weekends, and therefore we deliver a product of minimalist design and simplicity.


The bracelets can be adjusted to a lesser degree, where, however, there are two overall sizes to follow. Cuff offers S / M (14.5-16 cm) and M / L (16.5-19 cm), where you can adjust according to your preferences.

Cuff hopes to be able to contribute to your look and style with the bracelet for both sexes. Should you have questions about the products or anything else, you can always contact us at or on 28 97 87 78.

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