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Simple necklaces for men and women

There is no doubt that a unique and exclusive piece of jewelry can do a lot for a man's look.

Necklaces are a good example. Here at Cuff Copenhagen, we think that necklaces for men only do something good for the man's expression and appearance. A necklace emphasizes that this is a man with both legs on the ground and good style.

Our necklaces are made simple and based on clean lines. Therefore, as a man or woman, you can always combine each look with a simple hint of gold or silver.
Cuff Copenhagen has two different kinds of necklaces for men and women - Polished and Hammered - which both come in sterling silver or in a version which is gilded with 24 carats.

Both types of necklaces have a width of 2.3 cm and are handmade in Copenhagen. The difference between the two is that our hammered necklaces have structure in the metal, while the polished necklaces are shiny.
Where the polished necklace is more classic in its expression, the hammered surface creates reflections that evoke a more vivid expression in the metal.

Gold necklaces for men

As mentioned, our polished and hammered necklaces come in a gilded version. Our professional craftsmanship preserves the gold over time. We gild our jewelry more times than usual. Each piece of jewelery is processed through carefully executed processes to create a long-lasting and neat surface.
None of Cuff's products contain nickel. Therefore, the gilding is much better attached to the surface.
A gold necklace exudes confidence and edge. Our necklaces - whether they are gilded or in pure silver - can easily be worn by both men and women.