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Long story short

Behind Cuff Copehagen are two Danish entrepreneurs, Jonas and Gustav. We have created a single piece of jewelery that is affordable. We started Cuff Copenhagen because we could not find anything that lived up to our requirements. Therefore, we decided to make our own.

It is important to get off to a good start

With a small plate of silver, a borrowed workshop and an idea in mind, we spent several days creating a silver bracelet that we even wanted to go with. With the support of our friends and family, we created a webshop with only four silver bracelets, which still to this day form the foundation of our entire business. With increasing demand, we decided to take the next step and hired one of Denmark's best goldsmiths. He has previously worked for, among other things, worked for big names such as Shamballa and Georg Jensen, where he is also educated from.

Handmade in Copenhagen

Unlike many other jewelery brands, we have chosen to produce in Copenhagen to achieve full control and the very best quality. We have hired one of the industry's best goldsmiths, educated at Georg Jensen. We use sterling silver, which is the most typical type of silver for jewelry. Our gold plated jewelry is gold plated with 24 carat gold.

Two sizes fit all

As designers, we have focused on creating a simple and timeless piece of jewelry. We have designed our jewelry so you can choose between two sizes and you can safely fit one of them. Our bracelet is in a thickness that allows you to bend it a bit and shape it to your own wrist.


The mission has always been to challenge a dusty jewelry industry where things have been done the same way for many years. We have taken the proud traditions from our goldsmith and added our own innovative view of how things should be. It means a lot that you are spending your precious time reading this, because we believe that we have created something unique in this industry.