At Cuff Copenhagen, all our jewelery is handmade in our own workshop in Copenhagen. Only in this way can we guarantee the quality and ensure that all our customers get a piece of jewelery of the highest quality. However, it is difficult to avoid wear and tear over time. It is very common for silver jewelry to darken over time as silver reacts to oxygen as well as sweat from the skin.

We therefore recommend the following:

Always remember to take off your jewelry before going to bed or exercising. Sweat can cause wear on the jewelry.
Before taking a shower, washing your hands or cleaning your home, it is a good idea to remove jewelry.
Skin care, perfume and other beauty products can damage the jewelry. We therefore recommend that jewelry does not come in contact with these.
The gilding on our jewelry will disappear over time. It is not possible for a gilding to last forever. To extend the life of the gilding, we recommend following the guidelines. If you want to have your jewelery refilled, we can easily help with that. Write to and we will take it from there.
Silver is a living material and oxidation is therefore a natural process. Oxidation is the dark color that silver gets over time. If you want the jewelry to shine again, you can take a cloth, put some water and toothpaste on. Gently rub the jewelry with the cloth and wash with water. Let it dry before using it again. However, this is only recommended for jewelry made of silver and not gold-plated jewelry.