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For each piece of jewelery sold, we donate DKK 12 to the Danish Nature Fund. For that money, we can together secure 1 m2 of land, where nature is allowed to develop on its own terms.
This is a cause we would like to support at Cuff Copenhagen. We could not exist without nature's finest materials. All our jewelry is made exclusively in 925 sterling silver, just as the gilding is always in 24 carat gold.

We have just been involved in acquiring new nature areas in Denmark named Mols Bjerge and Hammer Bakker. It is one of the most significant nature projects implemented in Denmark and we have been a part of it with the help of our donations.

Our production 🔨
We handcraft all our products locally in Denmark. In this way, we can guarantee that our quality is of the highest quality. At the same time, we can guarantee that all working conditions are top notch. Therefore, we do not produce abroad as it would be far more difficult for us to research and maintain the best quality. We believe that local production is important in this time. It is therefore with pleasure that we can give back to the Danish nature. When we produce in Denmark, we can also cut off all unnecessary transport and shipping from abroad. We are proud to say that we produce in Denmark.
Delivery by a bike messenger within 4 hours
We are proud that we, as the only jewelery companies in Denmark, can deliver our jewelery by a bike messenger. The bike messenger can deliver your jewelery throughout the Copenhagen area and you can read more here. When we deliver with a bike messenger, it is 100% emission-free transport, which makes it one of our most important sustainable initiatives.
Recycles excess materials ♻
It is important for us to recycle all the materials we can. Therefore, we remelt the excess materials that we do not use.