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Shipping policy

At Cuff, we have two options for delivery:

Free delivery within 2-4 days

With this delivery method, we offer delivery within 2-4 days - without extra payment. When we send your order, you will receive an SMS or email with information about the delivery.

Delivery by bicycle courier within 4 hours

If the order is completed before kl. 16, you will receive your package within 4 hours. If you order after kl. 16, you will receive the following day.

Applies to Copenhagen K, N, V, Ø, NV, SV and Frederiksberg (postcodes 1000-2000, 2100, 2150, 2300, 2400 - 2500 and 2900).

We recommend that you are at the delivery address during the 4 hours in question, as the bicycle bidder must be able to deliver the package. If you do not have the option, the bidder will try to deliver the package in your mailbox or letterbox. If this is not possible, the bidder will contact you by phone and arrange with you when the package can be delivered. If you are not going to catch, we agree with the bid what will happen.

Is the delivery time the same if I order with engraving?

It takes a little longer to produce a jewelry with engraving. Typically it takes us four to five days to engrave, but we can easily do it in one day for a small fee if it is an urgent matter. We once produced a bracelet with engraving and delivered it from Copenhagen to Aalborg in less than two days. So anything is possible!